Wireframe — Issue 56

Developer Stray Fawn tell us about their giant village-building sim, The Wandering Village. Former Kerbal Space Program developer Felipe Falanghe introduces his latest project, Balsa Flight Simulator. And the retro FPS, Wizordum, leaves us spellbound.

Elsewhere, we pay tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair’s greatest hit, the ZX Spectrum, explore the lost art of handheld console demakes, and discover how developers are giving their game a shiny, next-generation upgrade.

In our Toolbox section, we’ll show you how to make your own Boulder Dash construction kit in Python, and show you how to use player psychology to heighten the tension and drama in your game design.

  • Exploring Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt’s virtual take on Prague
  • Chatting to the devs behind a new wave of rhythm-action games
  • Celebrating the Nintendo Gamecube’s 20th anniversary
  • Make a Bubble Bobble homage in this month’s Source Code