Wireframe — Issue 52

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, we explore the history and impact of Kerbal Space Program, chat exclusively to the developers of the original game, and find out what to expect from the upcoming sequel. Then we catch up with Frogwares to find out how Sherlock Chapter One will take the sleuth right back to his youthful roots.

Elsewhere, we explore the world of type-in listings in 1980s games mags, and unveil the winners of FUZE and Wireframe’s retro game-making competition – you’ll also find the download codes you’ll need to play them yourself. In our Toolbox section, we celebrate the Game Boy Advance’s 20th birthday with a guide to installing a backlit LCD screen, and show you how to re-create the erupting volcanoes from Konami’s Gradius.

  • The spectacular games and works of art made in Media Molecule’s Dreams
  • King’s Bounty II: how 1C’s giving the long-running series a change of direction
  • Pillars and Triangles: the essential guide to video game pre-production
  • OliOli World: Inside Roll7’s bigger, ambitious skateboard sequel