Wireframe — Issue 48

Midwinter Entertainment talks us through Scavengers, its upcoming online shooter: we find out just what to expect from this player-versus-environment-versus-player extravaganza, and how former devs from the likes of Visceral, EA, and 343 Industries are bringing all their experience to bear on their debut title.

Elsewhere, we talk to Team NINJA’s Fumihiko Yasuda about the challenges of making the hit Nioh and its sequel, while over in our Toolbox section, you’ll find a user-friendly introduction to implementing pathfinding AI in your games, and a guide to making your code more concise and tidy.

  • Base building, strategy and giant robots in The Riftbreaker
  • Nascent Prophecy: an atmospheric, adventure made by just one designer
  • The rise and rise of video games as teaching tools in the classroom
  • Create a Pitfall!-style, rope-swinging platformer in this month’s Source Code