Wireframe — Issue 9

We uncover Lost Words, the beguiling puzzle adventure from Sketchbook Games and a narrative team including Rhianna Pratchett. We take a closer look at this world of words and wonder, as well as bringing you the latest on the likes of Hamsterdam – yep, there are some hamsters – and going hands-on with Rage 2. Elsewhere there’s a look at the bountiful world of Zelda-alikes, an in-depth guide on creating a third-person character in Unity, and a profile of that oh-so-Rare of studios, Ultimate Play the Game.

  • Learn how to create a third-person player character in Unity
  • Rage 2: Playtesting the neon apocalypse
  • A look at user research: game design's best-kept secret?
  • Exploring the art of making great Zelda-like games