Wireframe — Issue 69

We catch up with the designers of Planet of Lana, a stunning-looking puzzle-platformer some five years in the making. The creators of Monkey Island uncover the secrets of the series’ world design, from the nineties original to the present, while Digitiser’s Mr Biffo delves further into point-and-click history to explore the genre’s origins.

Elsewhere, we check out the latest horror franchise to get the asymmetric multiplayer treatment, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and meet the developers responsible for making the job simulator one of the year’s hottest genres.

Over in our Toolbox section, there’s an in-depth guide to designing immersive first-person adventures, a beginner’s guide to creating organic-looking assets in Unity with Sprite Shape, while a seasoned animation director reveals how he got into the games industry.

  • Lightyear Frontier, the upcoming mech farming game
  • Code your own point-and-click homage to Monkey Island
  • The art of using graffiti to tell stories in video game worlds
  • ScummVM, the front-end that unlocks a wealth of retro classics