Wireframe — Issue 68

In a pixel art themed special, Yacht Club Games’ Sandy Gordon talks us through Mina the Hollower, the studio’s gothic, action-packed follow-up to its indie hit, Shovel Knight. We take a closer look at the Mystical Ninja games that Konami never released outside Japan, and chart the evolution of the humble sprite, from the 1970s to the present.

Elsewhere, we check out Stray Blade, an action-RPG that runs counter to the ultra-tough Soulslike trend, and talk to Roll7 about their sterling work in the skateboarding genre.

Over in our Toolbox section, there’s our guide to starting your games in the middle of the action (or in media res, if you like Latin), while this month’s Source Code shows you how to make a compact pixel art editor.

  • Vikings on Trampolines: the new multiplayer game from the makers of Owlboy
  • Digitiser’s Mr Biffo explores the sprite’s surprising origins
  • Uncovering the long and controversial history of cheat codes
  • More expert tips on storytelling in this month’s Narrative Design