Wireframe — Issue 67

Supermassive Games talks exclusively about The Devil In Me, its terrifying conclusion to The Dark Pictures Anthology. We chart the making of Visceral’s horror classic, Dead Space, and find out exactly why Hideo Kojima’s long-deleted P.T. demo is still influencing game design.

Elsewhere, we catch up with No Code founder Jon McKellan to find out how he went from making DOOM mods in the nineties to writer-director on such intense games as Observation and the Stories Untold anthology.

Over in our Toolbox section, you’ll find our guide to making your own P.T.-style horror experience in Unreal Engine 5, while this month’s Source Code recreates Elite’s 3D wireframe space ship in Python.

  • The producer of The Witcher 3 introduces his new dark fantasy project, Gord
  • Mr Biffo charts the early history of scary video games
  • Inside Ripout, the co-op FPS with a unique ‘pet gun’ mechanic
  • Square Enix’s Rhianne Murphy tells us how she became a narrative designer