Wireframe — Issue 65

We chat to Bytten Studios about its evolved riff on the monster-catching RPG, Cassette Beasts. Kepler Interactive give us the story behind its ambitious tropical island sandbox, Tchia. And Digitiser legend Mr Biffo asks: where have all the catchy video game tunes gone?

Elsewhere, we look at The Beatles’ subtle yet lasting impact on games, discover how the industry has helped raise money for charities, from the 1980s to the present, and chat to veteran designer Dylan Cuthbert about his glittering career, from Star Fox to The Tomorrow Children.

Over in our Toolbox section, there’s our guide to designing brain-tickling puzzles and problems of all kinds, and we’ll also show you how to make rideable mounts – from cars to horses – in Unreal Engine.

  • Super Rare Games on their mixtape indie game compilations
  • Nightingale: the upcoming survival game from ex-BioWare devs
  • Dissecting Röki’s lyrical storytelling with its narrative designer
  • Make an homage to the gravity-defying platformer, Metal Storm