Wireframe — Issue 63

Inkle, the acclaimed studio behind Heaven’s Vault and 80 Days, gives us an exclusive inside look at its survival-adventure opus, A Highland Song. Then, in a handheld gaming special, we check out the burgeoning community of game makers surrounding Panic Inc’s portable wonder, the Playdate, and meet the people making new parts for ageing handheld consoles.

Elsewhere, we chart Nintendo’s seldom-discussed origins as a manufacturer of card games and toys, while Digitiser legend Mr Biffo looks back at the founding and classic games of Gunstar Heroes and Ikaruga developer, Treasure.

In our toolbox section, you’ll find part two of our guide to making an infinite runner on original Game Boy hardware, plus the code you’ll need to make your own homage to Nintendo’s Game & Watch.

  • Composer Doyle W Donehoo on his Warhammer 40,000 game scores
  • Two Point Campus: why the hit sim series is going back to college
  • Playtesting: how to get vital feedback on your game for under £50
  • Shadows of a Doubt: looking ahead to an ingenious detective sim