Wireframe — Issue 62

The creators of The Last Worker give us the guided tour of their comically dystopian sci-fi satire. We track the life and lesser-known games of Castlevania’s reclusive creator, Hitoshi Akamatsu, and meet the developers taking a more nuanced approach to recreating the 1980s in their games.

Elsewhere, we chart the history of SNK’s fighting games, all leading up to this year’s The King Of Fighters XV, and check out Fish Cymophis, an unlikely collision of survival horror and fishing game. In our patented Toolbox section, you’ll find part one of our guide to making an infinite runner on original Game Boy hardware, plus an in-depth look at game balance and how to achieve it.

  • Konami classics: our pick of the 20 best games from its golden age
  • Scathe: an upcoming mix of first-person shooter and bullet hell
  • Eternal Threads: inside a complex time-travel narrative adventure
  • Guitar Hero: make your own rhythm-action homage in Python