Wireframe — Issue 61

We take a deep dive into Silt: British developer Spiral Circus’s bleakly beautiful adventure-puzzler, and pick out 20 similarly atmospheric platformers you can play right now. Then we meet the enthusiasts behind MiSTer, the hardware project that’s revolutionising the retro gaming scene, and talk to the developers using contentious blockchain tech in their games.

Elsewhere, we take an early look at Final Vendetta, the upcoming brawler from the creators of Xeno Crisis. Over in our Toolbox section, we provide a beginner’s guide to shaders and how to use them, and show you the essential tips you’ll need to spice up your game’s multiplayer maps.

  • Make a top-down homage to The Legend of Zelda
  • Exploring Nigeria’s growing video game community
  • Celebrating the Nintendo Switch’s indie game eco-system
  • XEL: the 3D Zelda-like with a science fiction edge