Wireframe — Issue 60

Kicking off a cosy-themed special, indie developer Rendlike introduces the vulpine sci-fi adventure, FixFox, while Merge Games gives us the inside story of Smalland, its whimsical take on the survival sandbox genre.

Elsewhere, we explore the past, present and future of warm, wholesome game experiences, and uncover the tricky art of translating toys to video games.

In our Toolbox section, you’ll find a guide to making satisfyingly choppable, destructible objects in Unreal Engine 4, plus a masterclass in building better 3D maps for your games.

  • Richard Jacques, the composer behind Mass Effect and more, profiled
  • Charting the rise and gradual decline of the trade-in games market
  • Design a fantasy settlement with our paper-and-dice city generator
  • Code your own time-rewinding homage to the indie darling, Braid