Wireframe — Issue 59

Epic Games gives us an exclusive inside look at MetaHuman Creator: the digital character designer that could potentially revolutionise the game and film industries. Then we talk to the studios making scientifically realistic aliens for their games, and discover the effort and research that goes into making a truly plausible lifeform.

Elsewhere, we tackle the subject of game difficulty, and how attitudes and approaches are changing across the industry. In our monthly Toolbox section, we’ll show you how to make a Dark Souls-like messaging system you can use in your own projects, while a team of veteran concept artists reveal the art of turning ideas into compelling visuals.

  • Our pick of 20 unforgettable non-player character performances
  • A closer look at Beyond Sunset, a mix of Doom FPS and tabletop RPG
  • The history and finest games of the staggeringly successful PlayStation 2
  • Make a homage to the arcade hit, Bomb Jack, in this month’s Source Code