Wireframe — Issue 58

Roll7 chats to us about its gorgeous, welcoming, and totally gnarly skateboarding sequel OlliOlli World. Elsewhere - and maintaining a steady line - we take a look at the world of relaxing skating games, alongside a peek forward at the most exciting and interesting games coming up in 2022, both big and small.

Meanwhile, love is in the air as we look at how video games have handled romance over the years, and we profile Runner Duck - studio behind breakout hits Bomber Crew and Space Crew.

Over in Toolbox, we offer in-depth tips and guides for making your own collectible card game, as well as showing you how to make your own retro gaming machine - housed entirely within a controller.

  • Alliance Peacefighter is previewed, bringing back linear space-based battling
  • Make your own skating game with our superb Source Code guide
  • A celebration of the original Xbox's 20th birthday and picks of its best games
  • Kim Justice offers her thoughts on the recent reboot of GamesMaster