Wireframe — Issue 51

In a crime-themed special, we take a look at the chaotic history of the early Grand Theft Auto titles, and provide a run-down of the best GTA-style sandboxes of all time. Glitchpunk is this month’s cover star – we chat to the developers of the upcoming cyberpunk, GTA2-influenced crime sim.

Elsewhere, we looks at the varied – and often inaccurate – ways protests, riots, and civil uprisings are depicted in video games, and catch up with Francois Lionet, the creator of the Amiga-era programming language, AMOS. In our Toolbox section, we’ll show you how to make a Frogger-style top-down action game, and explain how video game AI works by trapping a snake in a maze.

  • New World: we go hands on with Amazon’s colonial-fantasy MMO
  • MetaHuman Creator: an early look at Epic’s cloud-based person-maker
  • GetsuFumaDen: a chat with Konami about its upcoming roguelite
  • Gamedec: inside Anshar Studios’ adaptive cyberpunk detective RPG