Wireframe — Issue 50

Colombian developer Dreams Uncorporated talks to us about the past, present, and future of its JRPG-inspired epic, Cris Tales. We meet the designers and programmers who’ve realised their dreams of building a career in Japan. And we round up the most influential Japanese games of all time - whether they’re shooting games or brawlers, these titles have captured the imaginations of players and developers all over the globe.

Elsewhere, we chat to the co-founder of Strictly Limited Games about the company’s history and the appeal of physical games in the 21st century. We chart the rise and fall of EA Big, the publishing arm that brought us arcade sports classics like SSX, only to close its doors in 2008. And over in our Toolbox section, you’ll find a guide to recreating Metroid’s signature Morph Ball mechanic in Unreal Engine 4, while a crack team of marketing experts share their tips on making your game a sales hit.

  • Program Galaxian’s swooping alien waves in this month’s Source Code
  • Comparing the narratives of Assassin’s Creed Origins and AC: Odyssey
  • Surreal imagery abounds in the adventure-RPG, She Dreams Elsewhere
  • Deadly weapons and Bushido-like one-hit kills in Die By The Blade