Wireframe — Issue 44

Team17 sits down with us and chats up the future of the Worms franchise with Worms Rumble, while also taking time to look back at the series’ 25-year history. We hear about how Worms became all-encompassing at the studio, about abandoned spin-offs, and about why this has been the longest break ever seen between Worms releases. Elsewhere there’s a look back at Trilobyte Studios’ work on The 7th Guest; the classic FMV horror-puzzler that managed to get the formula right back in the 90s.

You’ll also find a look at how elderly protagonists are portrayed in video games, and a special next-gen-inspired look back at the launch titles from each of Microsoft and Sony’s previous consoles. Heading into our Toolbox section, you’ll discover the steps required to make VR shooting game, a guide to pre-production planning, and everything you need to make your own Artillery (or Worms)-alike.

  • A peek at EDF: World Heroes - taking insect-blasting in a new, voxelly direction
  • Bloober Team's The Medium; another horror effort from the talented studio
  • A tutorial on how to make the best... well, tutorials!
  • As it approaches its twilight, we also take a look back at the Nintendo 3DS