Wireframe — Issue 43

The developers behind hit ninja-platformer The Messenger return with the epic action RPG, Sea of Stars: Sabotage’s Thierry Boulanger and Philip Barclay tell us all about their homage to the likes of Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia. Then we turn the clock back to 1990 with a celebration of the Monkey Island series - we track down the original developers to talk about its unique humour and design.

Elsewhere, we meet the LGBTQA+ designers turning their personal experiences into games, and find out how one indie designer is turning George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm into a unique adventure. Over in our Toolbox section, you’ll find an in-depth guide to creating your own warring factions, while our homage to Pac-Man will teach you about the inner workings of video game AI.

  • Looking ahead to Heavenly Bodies, the space sim where gravity is your enemy
  • The ways game designers use sound to create more immersive experiences
  • Create a Rally-X-style mini-map with this month’s edition of Source Code
  • Yu Suzuki, the mind behind Shenmue, OutRun and After Burner, profiled