Wireframe — Issue 41

We check out Endling, Herobeat Studios’ intense 2D survival game about a family of foxes searching for food and avoiding extinction. Continuing a similar theme, we talk to the developers who are using the cinematic platformer genre to tell stories about escaping oppression. Then we turn our attention to Kickstarter, and find out exactly why it’s so hard to make a successful crowdfunded game.

Over in our Toolbox section, we introduce a simple yet effective formula for making better games, show you how to create a wall-running mechanic in Unity, and recreate the multi-directional shooting from Konami’s coin-op classic, Time Pilot.

  • Cards and Chaotic combat in Fights In Tight Spaces
  • 'Indie': an outmoded term in today's games industry?
  • The studios making games for the visually impaired
  • Chatting to Codemasters legend David Darling