Wireframe — Issue 40

ROCKFISH Games talks us through the bold decision to fundamentally shift the focus of its upcoming sequel EVERSPACE 2. We keep our eyes in the skies as we take a look at Cygni and more.

Beyond the stars we have a look at how games have been adapted to TV over the years and an in-depth look at an art project that comments on gun violence in the USA – via the medium of Grand Theft Auto V.

In our bumper sized Toolbox section we have a guide covering the links between marketing and game design, top tips on how to record your own audio for games at home, and our Source Code pages will fill you in on how to make your own Jetpac-alike with its pick-up-and-drop mechanics.

  • A look back at the entire history of space games
  • Bubble Bobble and Stunt Car Racer get the demake treatment
  • Profiling the mysterious, all-encompassing Tose Software
  • How to instruct a computer to tell your story, your way