Wireframe — Issue 36

Coatsink tells us all about their collaboration with Bit Loom Games for the upcoming co-op puzzler, PHOGS!. We find out how developer Dann Hett has turned a tragic event into a series of unique and personal experiences, and learn how studios are bringing card and dice rules to the video game realm.

In our Toolbox section, we’ll show you how to make a full-motion video adventure in Twine; how to make a top-down pool game in Python and Pygame; and the creator of B.A.T. provides a masterclass in designing sci-fi cities.

  • Idle games, and the studios evolving the clicker genre
  • Inside Shiny Shoe's deck-building card game, Monster Train
  • Profiled: the studio behind Rod Land, City Connection and more
  • An early look at the puzzler-drama, LOVE: A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories