Wireframe — Issue 33

Yacht Club Games and British developer Nitrome tell us about their bite-sized spin-off, Shovel Knight Dig. We chat to the designers of Void Bastards, Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Sable about the process of making a video game look like a comic book, and discover how some of the industry’s smaller studios are making games based on some huge Hollywood properties.

Over in our Toolbox section, you’ll find our chunky guide to designing gripping, unforgettable single-player missions, while the latest entry in our Source Code series shows you how to recreate the scrolling axonometric levels from Sega’s arcade classic, Zaxxon.

  • The personal story behind the upcoming adventure game, A Frog’s Tale
  • Breaking down the narrative design in The Witcher 3’s finest side quest
  • Looking ahead to Iron Danger, an RTS with a time travelling twist
  • Populous creator Peter Molyneux: his controversial career and finest games