Wireframe — Issue 20

Westerns meet stealth (and a slingshot) in Honig Studios’ El Hijo, star of this issue’s front cover. We go in-depth to find out about the sneaky adventures of a six-year-old on a quest to find his mother. Elsewhere we uncover a brooding, bonkers narrative adventure in the shape of Chicken Police, and tackle one of gaming’s great adversaries: rats. Just why are they always the baddies? We’ve also got reviews for the likes of Sea of Solitude, SolSeraph, They Are Billions and more.

  • The Bradwell Conspiracy: more than just another day at the office
  • A look at how to make your dev team work better remotely
  • Resident Evil’s mastermind, Shinji Mikami, profiled
  • A guide on how to get into the exhilarating world of live coding