Write for Wireframe magazine

By Ian Dransfield. Posted

PLEASE NOTE: Commissions are open periodically, please check our social media to see if we are currently accepting new pitches

Do you love video games? Want to pick apart the whys and hows of game development? Then you should write for Wireframe.

We're always on the look out for great writers. If you'd like to join us in our mission to lift the lid on video games (and earn some money in the process), here's our three step guide to writing for Wireframe magazine.

Step 1:

Take a look at Wireframe magazine (you can read it for free). This will give you an idea of our style, the sort of content we print and what we're all about.

Step 2:

Come up with an idea that you think would be a good fit. It should fit into one of the following categories:

Feature - These look at a particular area of gaming or the video game community. They highlight interesting or important ideas and shine a spotlight on great games, developers, publishers and all aspects around them. It might be a meaty interview with the creator of a bold new indie title; it could be a discussion of a particular genre's development over the decades; it could be so many other things - we're open to ideas, and we want to hear them from you.

Technical Feature - Wireframe doesn't just focus on games in a traditional manner - we want to lift the lid on video games in our Toolbox section. As such, we are always happy to receive pitches on ideas about the deeper, more technical aspects of games and game-making. From beginner to advanced, guide/tutorial to advice pieces, we want the very best talent from the world of development (and general game-making) to share their knowledge with our readers.

Coding - Are you a superstar coder in Python, JavaScript, C++, Unity, Unreal Engine, or anything else? We're always on the lookout for folks who can share the craft of code with our readers, allowing them to create aspects and elements of gaming for themselves.

Step 3:

Before starting on the article, drop us a line to see if we think it's right for us. Send a few sentences describing the article to wireframe@raspberrypi.com. If we can see potential in the pitch, we'll chat with you about fleshing the idea out, what we want to focus on, and other such details. Please don't send over pre-written features - we want everything in Wireframe to be bespoke and lovingly hand-crafted.

From there, we can discuss how long the article will be, when it'll be printed and - of course - payment.