Out now! Wireframe #3

By Ryan Lambie. Posted

Crivens! Yes, it's that time again already: Wireframe issue three is back for a new edition from the 6 December. You'll find your issue at your local supermarket or independent newsagent in the UK, or you can order a copy, subscribe, or even download a handy free PDF from this very site.

So what do we have in Wireframe issue three? All this and more:

An in-depth interview with X-COM creator Julian Gollop, who talks to us about the secret of great non-player AI, how he made classics like Rebelstar and Chaos, and his new strategy game, Phoenix Point. We meet the modders who've turned their hobby into a full-time career, and go behind the scenes on Thrunt XL, the indie game created without typing out a single line of code.

Astronaut-soldier types with big guns, Thrunt XL and Hitman 2, all in Wireframe issue 3.

Elsewhere, we catch up with VVVVVV designer Terry Cavanagh to find out more about his unconventional new roguelike, Dicey Dungeons, while veteran game developer Howard Scott Warshaw looks back on the making of his Atari 2600 classic, Yars' Revenge.

Plus, there's lots more besides:

  • Make your own first-person shooter in Unity with our step-by step guide
  • The fur flies in the forthcoming multiplayer shooter, Super Animal Royale
  • How parallax scrolling gives 2D games the illusion of depth
  • The platformer from El Salvador that survived an attack of the clones

All this, and a variety of news, previews and reviews, covering triple-A releases and dinky, loveable indie games.

It's Fortnite, but covered in fur. We chat to the makers of Super Animal Royale.

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From Doom to Dota 2: when modders turn their hobby into a career.


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Look ma, no code. We take a look at the making of Thrunt XL.

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