Out now! Project fear comes to life in Wireframe #7

By Ian Dransfield. Posted

It’s not about the gore and jump scares: the real horror comes from those universal terrors. But don’t be afraid: issue seven of Wireframe is out today, February 14, and this most romantic of days hosts a genuine spooktacular of an issue.

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So what do we have to sweeten the deal? Well...

We take a look at the very real paternal fears inspiring Someday You’ll Return, the psychological horror title from a two-man Czech studio and backed – in part – by an EU grant. Elsewhere we check out Hoa, the Ghibli-inspired beauty-‘em-up (a new genre invented just for the game), while our in-depth guide to making your first shooter in Unity comes to its triumphant close.

Into the woods: we check out the open-world terror of Someday You'll Return.

And what else? This else:

• The art of making games with physical – not digital – materials
• A look at the still vital Dreamcast homebrew scene
• We chat to veteran scribe Chris Avellone about Degress of Separation
• Reviews of Resident Evil 2, Pikuniku, Sunless Skies, and more besides

Plus more! But we’re done listing things – you can check out the most romantic spook-a-thon of them all for yourself. The issue. We’re talking about the magazine.

We meet the designers making games out of wire, plasticine and string.

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We delve into the Sega Dreamcast's vibrant homebrew games scene.


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From Ghosts 'n Goblins to Resident Evil and beyond: a profile of design legend Tokuro Fujiwara.

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